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Transgenic detection
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95% transgenic crops focused on soybean, corn, rapeseed and cotton 4 plants, although GM crops with high yield, good quality and capability to resist disasters and strong, but the debate of genetically modified crops in the field of food safety has been, therefore to qualitative and quantitative detection of genes also gradually be listed as one of the important countries the project of food detection, especially import and export quarantine. For example, the People's Republic of China entry-exit inspection and quarantine industry standards SNT1204 - 2003 requirements for qualitative examination of plants and their processed products of transgenic components by real-time fluorescent PCR. EU (2002) stipulates that the composition of genetically modified products is higher than 0.9%, Brazil is 4%, Australia and New Zealand is 1%, and Japan, Russia, China, Hongkong and China Taiwan region are 5% hours, it must be identified. Because of the advantages of the fluorescent quantitative PCR method, it is a common method for qualitative and quantitative analysis of genetically modified components at home and abroad. It has been used in the detection of gene soybean, corn, edible oil and so on. The target genes commonly used for detection include herbicide resistant genes, insect resistant genes, disease resistant genes, environmental stresses, transgenic plants, and plant developmental regulating genes. The nucleic acids in plants or processed foods were generally extracted. Specific primers (and probes) were designed for target genes, and then detected by Taqman probe and SYBRGreen fluorescent dyes.

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